Pendle Print Biennial in Lancashire, England

Great news. I just received notification that one of my pieces has been accepted in the Pendle Print Biennial in Lancashire, England. The show opens this fall.

This is an international show, that may travel later to a museum in the Netherlands. The image going to England is shown here.

Featured Artist of the Day, CultHouse, London

To my pleasant surprise, I am artist of the day at the London gallery I’ve previously discussed in an earlier blog. Very cool. Check it out. They’re doing great things, and I’m delighted to be part of it all!

Just Invited to Show With A Gallery in London

A new gallery in the heart of London, England, invited me to show with them. The link is:
(Cut & paste the link, if necessary)

It’s a new venture and the gallery will be unrolling physical space, pop-up venues and quarterly events during the next half year. It is associated with a restaurant with the same name and plans multiple cultural events in the city, as well as an online shop.

I’m pleased to have a European presence for current works and wish The Cult House success as they grow.

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