May 2014

I am now actively posting on Twitter. Almost daily I am tweeting new images, works in progress and shots of my studio (in all its chaos). Twitter is a marvelous opportunity to share on-going processes.

Please follow me to see what’s up. You can find me there at @garnerimages, or click on the Twitter icon where you see it on any of these webpages. I almost always reciprocate when followed.

This next image is from March of this year.

April 2014

Welcome to my completely updated website. This redesigned version went live in very late April 2014. I’ll be posting periodic comments here, as well as images of works in progress & photos of my studio.

Your comments & questions always interest me–please use the contact form to correspond. And of course if you like what you see here, follow me on Twitter and use Facebook to say you “like” what you see!


A very early drawing I did of Greta Garbo, age 14

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