Angel City Derby Girls, paper  22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Angel City Girls at Rest, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Cats & Bernardine Dorhn, 22"x30", $800

It's All Doubled, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Everything in Triplicate, 22"x30", $800

French Curves Are Everywhere, 22"x30", $800

How Easily We Deconstruct, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Kate Moss with her Watchdog, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $850

Nature Duplicates Itself, paper 20"x26", image 16"x20", $750

The Epiphany of Bodies, paper 20"x26", image 16"x20", $750

Melange of Girls with Cat, 22"x30", $800

Flushed Face, Blue Dress, paper 16"x22", image 9"x12", $400

Aphrodite Apocalypse, paper 22"x28", image 16"x20", $500

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