Angels Doubled, 22"x30", $600

Angel Striding, 22"x30", $600

Pinwheel Angels, paper image $600

Angel in a Red Desert, 22"x30", $650

Angel Carrying Angel, paper, image $600

Aphrodite Sees It All, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Chaos Tamed, 22"x30", $800

Garbo Doubled, 1920, paper  22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Garbo Oblivious to Apocalypse, 22"x30", $800

Garbo Was the Beginning of It All, paper 20"x26", paper 16"x20", $850

Girls Doubled ¾ View, paper  22"x30", image 16"x20", $900

Girls Doubled Study 2, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $900

Masked Self-portrait, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $850

Bounce, 1930s, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $850

Track Meet 1938, paper 20"x26", image 12"x20", $600

Girl Head Back, Blouseless, paper 22"x30", image 12"x12", $600

Girl With a Color Wheel,  paper 22"x30", image 12"x12", $600

Posing Goes Way Back, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Jackie in a Bikini, paper 22"x26", image 12"x20", $650

The Sacred Snake & Its Priestess, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

Young Girls, Doubles Doubled, 22"x30", $750

Her Eyes as Shells, 22"x30", $600

Below the Hill Unmasked, "22x30", $800

To Bern for a Few Pins, 22"x30", $700

Muybridge Dog A-prowl, paper 20"x26", image 16"x20", $800

Study for Painting (DG), paper 22"x26", image 16"x20", $500

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