Ss On a Yellow Sky, paper 20"x26", image 12"x16", $750

Subterranean & Subversive, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $850

Flames in the Water, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $800

French curves, 22"x30", $850

Norwalk Landscape, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $750

Norwalk Waves 2, 22"x30", $800

Norwalk Waves 2, 22"x30", $800

Flames Tamed, "22x30", $600

Tornado, 22"x30", $750

The Sky Began to Fall, paper 22"x26", image 16"x20", $550

Apocalypse in Color, paper 22"x30", image 16"x20", $450

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