Austria and Australia are the same place, right?

I’ve been through an interesting adventure over the last couple weeks. Sent three works to Velvenoir in Salzburg, Austria a couple weeks ago. The package didn’t arrive and the gallery asked me to track the works. So I did. Turns out our beloved USPS sent the package from New York City directly to Sidney, Australia. That’s right: Australia.

Of course Sidney & Salzburg sound alike, right? Austria and Australia sound even closer. Who could blame ‘em? The highly educated postal clerks in NYC only missed the correct destination by 8,000 miles. Or is it 10,000?

The good news is that Australia then forwarded it to Austria, where it sits in customs. Bless Australia–I can only imagine what it must have cost to forward such a large package from an island/continent in the Pacific Ocean to a small country in the center of the EU.

This saga may end well yet. And the three pieces may yet make the Velvenoir holiday show.

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